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Album Distribution Starter Guide

Album Distribution Starter Guide

So you've got your music recorded and you're ready to distribute it? That's great! There's a lot to learn about distribution, but this starter guide will help you get off to a good start to getting your music out there!Overview of Topics Copyright Digital Distribution...

How to Set up a Basic WordPress Website

How to Set up a Basic WordPress Website

A well-designed website is your best way to organize and present your professional self to the world. Let's look at the steps necessary to set up a basic website using Wordpress, either as a premium (paid) site or free. First, familiarize yourself with some basic...


Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

A digital audio workstation is used to record and edit audio recordings and create MIDI-based music and beats.

Recommended Industry Standards

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Notation Software

Notation software allows you to create professional sheet music.

Industry Standards

Freeware Options

Web Presence

Sites to help you market and promote yourself online

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